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30 Minute Turkey Chili

I love chili in the winter time, it is such a yummy and cozy meal. I personally find beef chili to be too heavy on my belly so I make mine with turkey, and seriously no one can tell the difference. I add cilantro, avocado and arugula to top off […]

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Irresistible Edamame Pasta

This was my first time making edamame pasta and I was excited to experiment in the kitchen. For pasta lovers like myself, it is pretty amazing to get your pasta fix minus the bloating and the guilt. I read about edamame pasta and wanted to make sure mine came out […]

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Is Pasta Good or Bad?

BAD!!! DUH!! But, let’s face it…sometimes it feels good to be bad. Do health coaches eat pasta? Sure!! I eat pasta once in a blue moon and I am very careful with portion size. Pasta is delicious, but it is not very healthy and it is heavy. I almost never […]

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Sexy Chili-Lime Ground Turkey

I am a total foodie and I love every type of cuisine. The weirder the combinations, the better!! I like my food to be unique and fun, just like me! When I cook, I experiment with many different cultural cooking methods. Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. Where did I learn […]

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Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

Let’s face it! We live in a busy, fast paced world where we juggle work, home and relationships. Some days are harder than others. Some days you’re running late for work, It’s pouring rain and you forgot your umbrella. Other days the sun is shining, you’re singing and farting unicorns […]

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Best Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

The holidays are just around the corner!! It is so easy to feel stressed during this time of year, I am guilty of this-BIG TIME! Those of you who are chipper and calm with your tree up and decorated, I envy you and I will work towards achieving that holiday […]

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Huevos Revueltos A la Maria

Buenos Dias!! Let’s talk about breakfast! First off, breakfast is my ALL TIME FAVORITE MEAL! It is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF OUR DAY and I happen to take it very seriously. We all deserve to start our day by taking great care of ourselves. For those of you who do not speak […]

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Easy Peasy 3 Bean Stew :)

Cooler weather always calls for warm and cozy food, preferably eaten out of a bowl. This Fall season I have been craving protein like crazy!! I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get enough lately. I think my body is saying “Must stay warm!” I like to […]